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January 2011 Home Sales in Willis, Conroe, & Montgomery Texas

It looks like Home Sales are off to a solid start near Lake Conroe Texas

Willis, TX

There were 19 homes Sold the month of January in Willis, Texas. YAY! The least expensive sale was a foreclosure listing in the Oaks of Willis. It sold for $29,9K in 79 Days. The most expensive sale was a waterfront home in Seven Coves. It originally listed for $575K back in 2008 and failed to sell after 225 Days. It was put back on the market in 2009 for $539K and finally sold for $445K. It appears to have languished for 748 days in a tough market because it had not been updated and priced accordingly.

Willis TX Homes Sales January 2011

Willis TX Homes Sales January 2011

Conroe, Texas

There were 51 Homes Sold in Conroe Texas in January. The least expensive home was a corporate listing that sold for $35K in the Stone Hedge Estates. neighborhood. The most expensive home sale goes to an elegant, custom, French-style property in Teaswood.¬† This home came on and off the market several times in the last 4 years. It originally listed back in July ’07 for $697K and sold January 5th, 2011 for $603K.

Is it really the End of the McMansion Era?

This segment of the market faces some tough challenges ahead. Savvy Home buyers in this price point don’t want to renovate and can afford to build their own specific dream home. In addition to that, with interest rates on the rise and consumers becoming more energy conscious, McMansions will be facing a shrinking buyers pool, therefore stiffer competition to attract the few remaining shoppers.

Conroe, Texas Solds January 2011

Conroe, Texas Solds January 2011

Montgomery, Texas

A very solid showing for the month of January in Montgomery, Texas. There were 36 homes sold. The least expensive  home in Brittany Oaks had over 3 acres and sold for $58K on January 20th. The most expensive home sold for 2.4million located in the exclusive BW community. This gorgeous waterfront home sat on the market for 400 days before selling on January 17th for 96% of asking price.

Montgomery,TX Homes Sold January 2011

Montgomery,TX Homes Sold January 2011

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